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Three Good Things // five

// THREE GOOD THINGS: a regular feature in which I share three good things about my month, mostly personal, in the hopes that you will also reflect on the good in your life. // 2018 is off to a good start. I'm staying busy. Doing good work THAT MATTERS. Loving my family. Eating well (for the most part). Moving my body. Connecting with new people. Here are three good things about my month: One good thing about my month is...
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Make it Personal

You sit down at your desk to write an email to your list. You know the topic. You know your audience. You know the goal of the email. You picture the email hitting the inboxes of your readers as you type, “Hi everyone!” or you close with, “I can’t wait to reveal my big news to you all next week.” It feels natural to write to “everyone” because technically, you ARE writing to everyone. But really, you’re not. Your reader...
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Link Worthy // six

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Seth Godin on how to reverse the dumbing down of media, on choosing to matter, and in defense of the tree. // Patagonia might want to consider a new marketing campaign (and hire Kathleen Founds). Patagonia for the practical-minded. // From Austin Kleon: Why you need an editor. And a bliss station. // How to become a ‘superager’—you know, how to age gracefully. It’s all about strenuous exercise and mental activity. The...
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How to Cultivate Curiosity

Infants are born curious. They learn about the world around them by checking things out, poking and prodding, and jumping headfirst into whatever it is that piques their interest. The same curiosity that helps them figure out how to be in the world also gets them into trouble, and sometimes hurt. Slowly, they are taught to “follow the rules” and “listen to Mommy and Daddy” (or the teacher), and that curiosity morphs into compliance. Sure, compliance is great when you...
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