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Trim the Fat—How to Write Clean Copy that Connects

Your clients and customers have less time than ever before. When they arrive to your website, sales page, or blog, they want to know, right away, what’s in it for them. You want to connect to your audience in a way that feels authentic, but in order to get your message across, it can sometimes feel as though you are writing a novel. There are so many details of your story that you want to convey! And so many nuances...
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Link Worthy // four

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” —Mark Twain // I adore Bernadette Jiwa's perspective on branding. It's not all about SEO. Read why. Two more of her gems here and here. // And from Bernadette Jiwa, I was referred to this insightful read on being great. // Proper title capitalization is often overlooked. Get it right in no...
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Three Good Things // two

//THREE GOOD THINGS: a regular feature in which I share three good things about my month, mostly personal, in the hopes that you will also reflect on the good in your life.// This month has been full of good sprinkled with a little downright difficult. That’s life, right? Let’s do this. One good thing about my month is that I am officially launching my website. (Ta da!) After many, many months of painstakingly figuring out how the heck to code...
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Link Worthy // three

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Feeling burnt out? Here are 5 uncommon ways to keep burnout at bay. // "Your vocabulary affects the way you think (and vice versa)." Oh, Seth. // Here are four questions to ask yourself about your customers that will change your value story. // Five-minute ritual to increase productivity. Are you accountable to yourself? // An article with legs: Are you utilizing analogies to sell your ideas? // You can't win if...
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