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Link Worthy

Link Worthy // ten

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // When life feels like it'll be just right as soon as you [ fill in the blank ]. Sound familiar? You need to read this.   // “The bad news is that you’re falling through the air without a parachute. The good news is, there’s no ground.” Wow. One of the best podcasts I've ever listened to. // Look out a window anywhere in the world. // Need to drown out your partner's...
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Link Worthy // nine

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Alexandra Franzen on pratipaksha bhavanam: how to remain calm when all around you panic, and be deliberate when surrounded by chaos.  // Feeling of the Month Club. Discover your feelings by mail. Who doesn't love getting mail? That you can CREATE with! // A continuation on the story of mental burden that (mostly) women bear. This time, with cooking. // How to find fun in tedious tasks. Brilliant advice. // Fifty writing...
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Link Worthy // seven

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Marsh Somorodi on being bored, and the one thing getting in our way of it. // Read this (and do this) again and again and again. (How to get ANYTHING done.) // How to nail your perfect intro. // Bernadette Jiwa, insightful as always: "It's easy to describe features and benefits, and far harder to demonstrate what you stand for and why." Are you a giver or a taker? Also, I can't...
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Link Worthy // six

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Seth Godin on how to reverse the dumbing down of media, on choosing to matter, and in defense of the tree. // Patagonia might want to consider a new marketing campaign (and hire Kathleen Founds). Patagonia for the practical-minded. // From Austin Kleon: Why you need an editor. And a bliss station. // How to become a ‘superager’—you know, how to age gracefully. It’s all about strenuous exercise and mental activity. The...
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Link Worthy // five

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Emotional intelligence, as it turns out, is as important or arguably more important than traditional intelligence. EQ is the new IQ. Once you get past the corny nature of these videos, you'll see the value of this emotional intelligence training. // Is your attention focused in the right direction? Bernadette Jiwa, a gem as always. // "Making things is an art. Making things meaningful is an art and a science." —Bernadette Jiwa...
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Link Worthy // four

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” —Mark Twain // I adore Bernadette Jiwa's perspective on branding. It's not all about SEO. Read why. Two more of her gems here and here. // And from Bernadette Jiwa, I was referred to this insightful read on being great. // Proper title capitalization is often overlooked. Get it right in no...
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Link Worthy // three

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Feeling burnt out? Here are 5 uncommon ways to keep burnout at bay. // "Your vocabulary affects the way you think (and vice versa)." Oh, Seth. // Here are four questions to ask yourself about your customers that will change your value story. // Five-minute ritual to increase productivity. Are you accountable to yourself? // An article with legs: Are you utilizing analogies to sell your ideas? // You can't win if...
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Link Worthy // two

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Elizabeth Gilbert on your creative genius. So. Good. // Because finishing is sexy. // If your blog doesn’t include your personal touch, you’re missing the point. (Note to self.) // Lasting relationships come down to two basic traits. // An inner dialogue—who’s in charge? // The secret to great writing. // On how to love. I mean, really, how to love. // There is just something about a physical book. // Creating...
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Link Worthy // one

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Here are 50 short tips for great writing when you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor. blink. blink. blink. // When did we start adding two spaces after periods, anyway? Send this to your two-space-inserting friends to end it once and for all. // So, what's the big deal with starting a sentence with 'so'? // Umberto Eco's advice for writers. Thanks Maria Popova. // On avoiding writing. P.J. O'Rourke's accurate...
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