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“You get me,” they’ll say.

The most effective brand voice—that's the tone you use when you write copy—combines your brand’s personality (often, that’s your personality) with language that makes your audience feel like you’re reading their minds.


Mouthwatering Copy

How do you feel when you eat at your favorite restaurant or when a cherished family member cooks you a delicious home-cooked meal?

Taken care of? Contented? Excited about what comes next?

Even before your first bite, the meal’s aroma has already primed you for ultimate anticipation. Mmm.

That’s how people should feel when they encounter your brand:

Hanging on your every word. Hungry for more.

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Delight your audience. Or else.

When your ideal clients feel deep down in their toes that your brand is the answer they’ve been seeking, they won’t think twice about hitting the buy button or signing up for your next training—and paying attention to your every word.

When your number-one goal is to delight your audience—by listening to them, showing up for them, and being unapologetically you—you’ll attract the kind of people you want to engage with.

Best of all, when you delight your audience, you’ll feel as grateful as they do, which will energize your work rather than leave you feeling exhausted by your to-do list.


Copywriting Packages

Trusting another human with your brand’s message is no small decision. To get acquainted, I offer a menu of options that increase in commitment and impact according to your appetite.

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