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“You get me,” they’ll say.

The most effective brand voice—that's the tone you use when you write copy—combines your brand’s personality (often, that’s your personality) with language that makes your audience feel like you’re reading their minds.


Mouthwatering Copy

How do you feel when you eat at your favorite restaurant or when a cherished family member cooks you a delicious home-cooked meal?

Taken care of? Contented? Excited about what comes next?

Even before your first bite, the meal’s aroma has already primed you for ultimate anticipation. Mmm.

That’s how people should feel when they encounter your brand:

Hanging on your every word. Hungry for more.

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Delight your audience. Or else.

When your ideal clients feel deep down in their toes that your brand is the answer they’ve been seeking, they won’t think twice about hitting the buy button or signing up for your next training—and paying attention to your every word.

When your number-one goal is to delight your audience—by listening to them, showing up for them, and being unapologetically you—you’ll attract the kind of people you want to engage with.

Best of all, when you delight your audience, you’ll feel as grateful as they do, which will energize your work rather than leave you feeling exhausted by your to-do list.


Copywriting Packages

Trusting another human with your brand’s message is no small decision. To get acquainted, I offer a menu of options that increase in commitment and impact according to your appetite.

Aperitif // Copy Makeover $500*

For first-time clients only, to get a taste of my work.

You send me some copy, 500 words or so, and I give it a copy makeover. You could send a website page, a short sales page, an email or two, your bio—something you’re stuck on and would love to revamp.

I review the copy, do rewrites and make edits, and jump on a call with you to explain why I did what I did. You’ll learn a few copy tricks along the way, and you’ll get a good idea about how I work and what I can do for you.

Start Here

This offer may not be on my website for long. Take advantage now.

Tapas // Mini-Project $970

This is a great place to start if you need help with a small project.

The following are all game:

  • About page // The second-most visited page on a website is your About page. You need an About page that feels less like a resume and more like a good conversation between friends that makes your ideal customer feel heard and wanting to know more. Done!
  • Taglines // A good tagline is like a good headline—it intrigues the reader and makes them want to stick around. I’ll brainstorm a bunch of taglines that we hone together. In the end, you’ll have a list of taglines you can use across your marketing. Sweet!
  • Blog brainstorms // What the BLEEP should I write about this week? Don’t you hate that feeling? Yeah, I get rid of it for you. I’ll come up with weekly blog topics and summaries for six months. Boom!
  • Blog writing // Want me to write those blogs? Sure! I’ll write four blog posts up to 400 words each. You provide some notes, I do the work. Take that off your plate!

Let's Do It

Don’t see your small project here? Tell me about it. It might be a mini-project I didn’t think of. Email me.

Three-Course Spread // Full Package $2200

I’ve got four copy packages cooked to order.

Take the headache out of getting these projects done yourself. It’s like chicken tortilla soup for your soul.

Website Package // All copy written for your Home page, About page, Services page, Contact page, plus one more page of your choice. Five-course meal, please and thanks.

Get the Details

Opt-In Package // Opt-in copy for 5-day challenge or mini-course (delivered via email), PDF guide (up to 1500 words), or video script (up to 1500 words) PLUS opt-in landing page copy, and thank you page copy. Like a leisurely Sunday morning buffet complete with mimosas.

Get the Details

Nurture Package // Welcome email sequence that helps your ideal clients get to know, like, and trust you—and that plants seeds that get them ready to buy your offer. Like mom’s home cooking.

Get the Details

Launch Package // Sales page and email sequence that gets your audience saying, “Yes please!” Like that holiday meal everyone looks forward to all year (without the awkward relatives).

Get the Details

Have a package you don’t see here, like a segmented sales funnel or course copy that you’d love written or edited for you? Tell me more. I might be able to help.

Chef’s Specialty // Retainer $2000/month

Love my work? Don’t want to have to wait for it?

Rent my brain for a few hours every week, long-term. Six-month minimum. Like hiring a chef to cook all your meals. Yes, please.

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