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How to use Morning Pages to Brainstorm Content Ideas

I love to use my Morning Pages to brainstorm ideas. Any ideas, really. But I've been using it lately to come up with blog topics. Instead of sitting at my computer, willing the cursor to move, I can start off something like this: "What the heck should I write about? I'm drawing a blank. It's all been said. I have nothing to add. What's the point? (Morning Pages can go dark quickly. Stay with it.) "Why not write about using...
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It’s the Little Things

I find myself saying on a regular basis, "It's the little things." The kind gesture from a nurse who stayed longer than she had to, to comfort my mom when she was not well. The way M says, "I like your dress," in the most genuine, interested voice he can. A store clerk who stops to ask if she can help, and then helps as though it's a total pleasure. The way the cleaning crew folds the toilet paper. The...
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It’s Not About You

No one cares nearly as much about you as they do about themselves. Fact. Sounds terrible, but it's true. When someone interacts with your brand, if they don't quickly feel seen and understood by you, they won't stick around. If your About page or Home page are full of "I (blah di blah) . . . Then I (such and such). And I (. . . )," your readers will fade fast. Does that mean you should be absent from...
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Honesty, the Best Policy

[Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash] In my town, the police department decided to place a squad car in the median, manned with a stuffed dummy—wire-rimmed sunglasses and all—to try to deter drivers from speeding. We all fall for it the first couple times we drive by, braking as we pass, even if we’re not speeding. But when the car sits in the same spot for a few days, or when it reappears in a similar spot a couple weeks...
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Don’t Forget to Pause

[Photo by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash] Life has become so full of DOING that we spend little to no time just BEING. From the moment we wake up to the moment we lay our heads back down on our pillows, we fill our days with continual action, words, and thoughts. Pausing feels inefficient. Like a waste of time. Like an impossibility. And yet, we hear that pausing on a regular basis is exactly what we need to feel more fulfilled...
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Make it Personal

You sit down at your desk to write an email to your list. You know the topic. You know your audience. You know the goal of the email. You picture the email hitting the inboxes of your readers as you type, “Hi everyone!” or you close with, “I can’t wait to reveal my big news to you all next week.” It feels natural to write to “everyone” because technically, you ARE writing to everyone. But really, you’re not. Your reader...
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Is Your Business Thoughtful?

Think of the most thoughtful person in your life. You know, the one who shows up with chocolates when you’re feeling down or chicken soup when you’re sick. The one who gives you a hug at exactly the right moment. The one who goes out of her way to show up when you need her most. The one who makes you say, “That Charlie. He’s so thoughtful.” What if your business was that thoughtful? What if you were able to...
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Trim the Fat—How to Write Clean Copy that Connects

Your clients and customers have less time than ever before. When they arrive to your website, sales page, or blog, they want to know, right away, what’s in it for them. You want to connect to your audience in a way that feels authentic, but in order to get your message across, it can sometimes feel as though you are writing a novel. There are so many details of your story that you want to convey! And so many nuances...
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