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Get your audience nodding—

"Yes! Where have you been all my life? Take my money."


The people who read your website, emails, social media posts, opt-in downloads—whatever—are all looking for something.

But if you can’t communicate that something in a way that makes them feel seen and understood right from the start—and that takes them from where they find themselves now to where they hope to go—they’ll move on.

And you have about two seconds to get them interested before they do move on.

Delight your audience. Or else.

How do you make your audience feel like you’ve got what they want?

you're still reading?


i'm jamey jones

I'm a copywriter.

I use voice-of-customer data and competitive research* to write words that motivate your ideal clients and customers to pay attention and buy your products and services.

In other words, I get you noticed and keep your clients and customers coming back for more.

I don’t just take a guess at what your audience wants to hear. I listen—intently—to their wants, needs, pain points, hesitations, and delight. Then I use that language in your copy so that they feel like you’ve been reading their mind.

Sounds like magic, but it’s more like science-meets-art. I love my job.

*That’s copywriting industry jargon for the intensive, methodical, data-driven research I do to get into the minds of your audience (and into the heart of your business, products, and services) so that your ideal clients/customers read your copy and feel like the solutions you offer them are exactly what they need.

Fun fact:
I work with



not bound by or in accordance with convention; being out of the ordinary; thinking outside the status quo.

Synonyms: distinctive, unprecedented, innovative, groundbreaking, extraordinary, uncommon, fresh, maybe even a little outlandishbut always remarkable.

Before I worked with Jamey, I struggled to write copy that converts. She turned out to be the perfect fit. She really gets my voice, and now (thank god) writes all my copy. Plus, her copy converts so much better than mine!

Veronica Valli, Soberful online recovery programs

I highly recommend Jamey to anyone needing captivating copy that still sounds like it's come from the heart.

Hayley Stathis, naturopath, nutritionist, health coach

Work with Jamey if you want professional, approachable copy that connects with your audience.

Tara Hunkin, My Child Will Thrive

I would recommend Jamey to anyone needing copywriting that’s precise, concise, compelling, and easy to understand.

Bonnie Cooper, VP Marketing at Renew Life

Jamey is an amazing force in her ability to take difficult concepts and bring them to life.

Brenda Watson, CNC, founder of Renew Life and Vital Planet

Jamey is intelligent, organized, focused, and capable of doing the research and translating it into a suitable format for her readers.

Leonard Smith, MD, FACS, Medical Advisor to Renew Life

She puts her magic quality meter on every inch of her work.

Michael Black, creative director, photographer

She has earned my highest praise and recommendation.

Rick Miller, Being Chief

Always enthusiastic, with the most positive attitude of anyone I’ve ever met.

Holly Pappa, copywriter at Renew Life

The writing Jamey does for me sounds as though it is coming from me.

Bonnie Yonker, owner at The Yoga Sanctuary


Jamey provides great content that engages the reader.

Brian Wickersheim, owner at Asana Green


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