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Link Worthy // two

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.]

// Elizabeth Gilbert on your creative genius. So. Good.

// Because finishing is sexy.

// If your blog doesn’t include your personal touch, you’re missing the point. (Note to self.)

// Lasting relationships come down to two basic traits.

// An inner dialogue—who’s in charge?

// The secret to great writing.

// On how to love. I mean, really, how to love.

// There is just something about a physical book.

// Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement.

// “We are not playing a game to have our blog rank higher than someone else’s blog. We are not even playing an SEO game, because that game’s sorta rigged, and we’re not gonna be able to win it for long anyway.

No. we’re playing an infinite game. I’m throwing this ball to you so that you will throw it back. I am connecting with you so that you will connect with her. I am weaving together the fabric of a community.”
—Seth Godin talk

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Blog posts

Empathy as a Powerful Marketing Tool

When the conversation shifts to marketing, empathy isn't usually the first topic of discussion. Why not? Probably because we're not very good at empathy, on the whole. Sad but true, most of us were not modeled a lot of empathy in our early lives, and so it's not a natural response for us. And yet, empathy is our most powerful marketing tool. Empathy changes everything. Above all, empathy changes how we feel. It changes how everyone involved feels. Giver and...

Three Good Things // eight

// THREE GOOD THINGS: a regular feature in which I share three good things about my month, mostly personal, in the hopes that you will also reflect on the good in your life. // One good thing about my month is that I can taste freedom. I can see the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. New possibilities are igniting. And I'll be able to hug my dad soon. That's everything. Another good thing is that I...

Link Worthy // nine

[A compilation of interesting and useful links.] // Alexandra Franzen on pratipaksha bhavanam: how to remain calm when all around you panic, and be deliberate when surrounded by chaos.  // Feeling of the Month Club. Discover your feelings by mail. Who doesn't love getting mail? That you can CREATE with! // A continuation on the story of mental burden that (mostly) women bear. This time, with cooking. // How to find fun in tedious tasks. Brilliant advice. // Fifty writing...

Morning Pages—Waste of Time or Magical Genius?

If you spend enough time in the creative world, you'll hear the suggestion that something called Morning Pages will help spark your creativity and even get you out of a creative rut. Brainchild of Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, Morning Pages consist of writing three pages of longhand, stream-of-consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning.  The purpose of doing daily Morning Pages is to work through the cobwebs of your mind, leaving the dust on the page,...

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