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My best abilities (ahem, superpowers) are summarized below. If your needs match my strengths, then let’s make magic happen.


brainstormAre you stuck on your tagline? Having trouble coming up with ideas for blogs or articles? Do you want to offer programs for your clients but don’t quite know how you want to communicate them? As they say, “Two heads are better than one.” If you are stuck—staring at the screen or wondering how to proceed—I can help you overcome the burden of what I like to call “thinker’s block.” Sometimes, you get so close to your message that you need an outside perspective. Let me help you with that. Tell me more.


editingYou like to write. You have plenty of ideas and love to put them to paper, but you want to know that your words are the absolute best choice for engaging your customer. I’ve got your back. Maybe you need a light touch, or maybe some deeper revisions. Either way, I revamp your words while remaining true to your voice. It’s like a makeover for your message. Still you, only better. Tell me more.


copywriting You are an idea generator. You have a vision for your business and its message, but you do not have the time for, interest in, or ability to put it all into words yourself. That’s where I come in. From website copy (have you read your About page lately?) and blog posts to printed marketing materials, bios, and product copy, I can help you craft an engaging story about you and your services that keeps your clients and customers coming back for more—all while staying true to your voice. Tell me more.


articlesBLOGS & ARTICLES: You would love to blog on a regular basis, but you can’t find the time. You want someone who can take your blog idea (or one brainstormed by me) and turn it into something you would have written yourself. You know that your blog should be updated on a regular basis—let’s get it done. Voilà! Tell me more.


books You have a big idea that could only land in a book, but you are not about to spend the better part of the next few months writing it. Or, maybe you have a smaller big idea that would nicely fit into an eBook? Or maybe you have a book you can’t seem to finish. Books take time to write, and I love writing them, but I am particular about what books I will write due to the large time commitment. If you are serious about writing a book, and you know the hard work that goes into the process, then hit me up. We may be a good match. Tell me more.


research You have a pile of medical journals sitting on your desk and your emails are so backed up that you simply delete the ones you can’t find time to read. You want to keep up with the latest science related to your field, but it often feels impossible. I can help you weed through the science to pull out those articles that are most relevant to you. Or, maybe you have a topic that you need to know more about but don’t have time to dig into the research. I can pull up the most relevant studies related to your topic so that you don’t have to do the dirty work. Tell me more.

Any of these sound like a good fit? Contact me to let me know which of my above superpowers you need, and what you need them for. I’ll give you an idea of what working with me will look like. If the stars are aligned (fingers crossed!) then we’ll live happily ever after. (You get the picture.)

The above categories give you an idea of what I can do for you, but they are not exhaustive. If you have a need that is not mentioned above, let me know. With more details about what you need, I can give you more information. Talk soon.