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You want to put out new content on a regular basis to connect with your clients and give them a more enriching experience, but you don’t have the time or inclination to get it done yourself.

Your clients look to you for advice, and there is only so much you can communicate on your own. What if there was a place for them to go to learn more about what you do and how they can benefit from it? Your website can be an information hub where you send clients for in-depth information that you don’t have to repeat in person over and over again.

You can be more efficient all while giving comprehensive information and solutions to the people you want to serve. It’s a win-win.

Do you need blog posts for your website? Or do you need a hand with writing an article for publication online or in print? Whether you need help brainstorming, editing, or writing the whole article, I can help at any step.

Let’s reach more clients by getting your voice out into world, shall we?

BLOG BLAST:  ten blog ideas and titles $250
It’s a productivity blast-off for your blog.

BLOG FIX: substantive edit of blog post $180*
Renovates your blog post from the ground up.

BLOG POLISH: copy edit of blog post $100*
Clear, concise, smooth-like-buttah—your blog post, that is. Every time.

BLOG COPY: up to 500 words $300**
The blog post you wanted to write, but didn’t—Shh! No one needs to know.

If you need help with an article or a longer blog, send me an email to let me know the details. Rates vary depending on topic, length, and publication.

My blog and article writing services can be ongoing (read: you pay less if I write for you regularly). Whether you need one blog or ten, one article or many, I would love to help you get your ideas on “paper.”

*Blog post up to 500 words.
**Research, if needed, not included.