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You have a vision. You have ideas. You have a business that needs an interesting message that engages your customers. You know what you do and how well you do it, but your brand message falls flat, if you even have one at all. When you put (figurative) pen to paper, your words don’t quite wow.

It’s not easy to craft good copy. You find yourself staring at the screen trying to say it like you mean it, but all that comes out is, “I am a rock star. My business is awesome. Everything I do is great. You are going to love it. Hey, check this out. You need this.”

Or something like that.

It’s hard to write about your own business. It’s difficult to gain perspective when you are wrapped up in all the details. Add to that all the rules of writing (grammar, syntax, style, punctuation, spelling, blah di blah) and it can feel like more than you want to handle.

I am a copywriter because I love to delve into the depths of a business. I love to get to know your vision. I steep myself in your why, what, and how so that I can remain true to your voice.

The relationship I develop with my copywriting clients is genuine. I value you and the foundation you have built, and I feel honored to help you build a presence that continues to connect genuinely to your own clients.

ABOUT PAGE MAGIC: ‘nuff said $900
Connect with your readers. (Hint: it’s all about them.)

SALES PAGE COPY: up to 1,000 words $1400
Create that “Gotta have it” feeling for your product or service.

WEBSITE COPY CREATION: 5-page website copy $5000
Your brand, your vision, your site, but WOW, just how you want it.

BLOG COPY: up to 500 words $300*
The blog post you wanted to write, but didn’t. Shh! No one needs to know.

Create a loyal following by reaching out in just the right way.

SOCIAL MEDIA COPY: one month of daily posts for one outlet $600***
Take THAT off your plate. Whew.

My copywriting services are comprehensive. Send me an email to let me know the scope of your needs, and I will let you know which service best suits you and what time frame we are looking at. You purchase the service, and I’ll send you a questionnaire to get to know you, your brand, and your copywriting needs. We will take it from there.
Have a question? Need some copy that doesn’t fit into the above categories? Shoot me an email to discuss custom projects.

*Research, if needed, not included.
**Pricing to be determined based on length and frequency. Email me about it.
***Images not included.