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You like to write, but you need a polish. Your ideas are flowing, but you’re not quite sure if your participles are properly placed (or what the heck a participle is in the first place). Or you may have already put some words to paper, but you’re not sure if it tells your story the way you want it to.

You need a set of eyes on your work. We all do. A good edit of your work means the difference between a mediocre message and an impactful engagement.

My editing process depends on your writing. You may only need a copy edit. That’s how I make sure your grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, style, consistency, and endless details you wouldn’t think of are spot on.

Or you may need a substantive edit. That’s when I dig in. I may rearrange or rewrite sentences or paragraphs to improve flow and reduce repetition or awkward wording. I may create new headlines. I’ll even fact check, if needed. It’s an all-in process that transforms your writing from meh to marvelous. Or from pretty good to pretty grand.
Editing is my most called upon super power.

WEBSITE MAKEOVER: (this is really website copy creation) $5000
Transforms your website’s message to engage your readers. Yes, please.

WEBSITE CLEANUP: 5-page website copy edit**900**
Clean-up crew for your copy. Get it right.

BLOG FIX: substantive edit of blog post $180***
Renovates your blog post from the ground up.

BLOG POLISH: copy edit of blog post $100***
Clear, concise, smooth-like-buttah—your blog post, that is. Every time.

My editing services are streamlined. I’ll send you a questionnaire to get to know you and your brand better. You send back the questionnaire along with the copy you need edited, and I get my “red pen” out and get to work.


Have a question? Need an edit other than a website or blog post? Shoot me an email to discuss a custom edit. I do all types.

*If your copy needs a complete overhaul, you may need to upgrade to a copy-rewrite. I’ll let you know after reviewing your site.
**If your copy is in pretty good shape just just needs a nip and a tuck, this is you.
***Blog edit up to 500 words.