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Launch with Ease A "Main Course" Package // $2200

Product, service and course launches are stressful, no doubt. With so many moving parts—and the content that goes along with those parts—a launch gets overwhelming fast.

Let me help take the pressure off by establishing the foundation of your launch—the sales page—and the fuel for the launch—the email sequence.


Here's what you get:

Sales page and email sequence that gets your audience saying, “Yes please!” Like that holiday meal everyone looks forward to all year (without the awkward relatives).

Deep Discovery

Through a questionnaire, voice-of-customer (VOC) research, and competitive review, I get to know you, your brand, and most importantly, your ideal clients. I dissect their words and write copy that speaks directly to their wants and needs—words that linger in their minds and make them want to hit the buy button.

Sales Page

Using the details I get from you about your offer, the language I analyze from your ideal clients, and the perspective I gain from the competitive review, I’ll write out a complete sales page (up to 1500 words) that meets them where they are at, and makes it easy for them to say “yes!” to your offer. I will work around design elements if you already have a specific design in mind. If not, no problem. My copy will be easy to work into an eye-catching design.

Seven Launch Emails

I’ll write the launch sequence emails, taking your audience by the hand, overcoming their objections, giving them social proof, and showing them how your offer is just what they need to get the results they seek.

Social Media Posts and PR

As a bonus, you can then pull from that copy for your social media and PR efforts without feeling like you have to reinvent the wheel each time. Phew!

Two Revisions

I'll do up to two rounds of light edits, if needed, to fine tune your copy.

Let's keep in touch!

If you'd like to hear from me on a semi-regular basis, sign up below. (I would never sell your data. That's not cool.)