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Copy that Nurtures Your List A "Main Course" Package // $2200

Do you have an email strategy? Or is it more like, “I need to send an email this week—what should I write?” Followed by you scrambling to write a blog, post a blog, and send it out to your email list.

Your audience will feel the haphazard nature of your attempt to connect, especially those who are new to your list. And yet, new subscribers are the most ready and willing to take action and hit the buy button on your offer.

When you nurture your new subscribers by sending them emails that help them get to know, like, and trust you, it makes the rest of your work so much easier. A little effort here will go a long way.


Here's what you get:

Welcome email sequence that helps your ideal clients get to know, like, and trust you—and that plants seeds that get them ready to buy your offer. Like mom’s home cooking.

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