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Copy Like It's Hot

3-Month Mastermind to hit the sweet spot with your copy (and leave your audience asking for more)


It’s HARD to write your own copy.

Write your own copy, they say. It’s the best way to stay connected to your audience, they add. Here are some templates, they toss at you.

You’re so close to your work that it can get in the way of expressing what you do and how it helps people reach their goals.

You like to DIY your own copy, but you keep getting stuck. Or you’re not sure if you’re hitting the right chords with your audience. Or you just need some momentum to make it all happen.




Do you get stuck in these areas?

You’d love to get better at DIYing your copy while also getting a glimpse of how others promote their own programs, services, and products.

You want to be vulnerable—but not TOO vulnerable—so people will get to know, like, and trust you. So you spend way too much time wondering how to do it right.

You want to showcase your expertise and experience but you end up sounding like a know-it-all or like a total noob.

You want to sell your services or products without coming across like a used car salesman (or a robot).

You need some outside perspective to make sure you’re not missing the mark.

You want accountability to keep your promotions moving forward (and to keep you from staring at that damned cursor).


Get Clear on Your Next Move

Part hot seat session, part accountability session, part cozy dinner party vibes, Copy HQ is designed to keep you creating copy, improving your copy, and honing your message strategy alongside like-minded biz owners who are doing the same.

  • Get your opt-in freebie DONE.
  • Write your nurture sequence PRONTO.
  • Write your email launch sequence BETTER.
  • Create your sales page FINALLY.
  • You promised you’d write your list every week—NOW DO IT.
  • Get FEEDBACK that keeps you moving toward your goals.
  • Get CLEAR on what your clients want from you.
  • Get CONCISE with your offers.
  • Build MOMENTUM.

i'm jamey jones

I’m Jamey Jones, copywriter and creative strategist. I help online business owners write copy that gets their audience to stick around, sign up for programs, buy products, and become raving fans.

I write email sequences, sales pages, landing pages, website copy, product copy—you name it—for online biz owners who tend to be a bit unconventional. I like out-of-the-box thinkers (and doers). Sound like you? You’re in good company.

With 13 years of experience as an in-house copywriter and then a freelance copywriter, plus a strong science and health background, I work with coaches, course creators, health practitioners, and small businesses with an online presence.

Bottom line? People want to feel seen and understood. I help businesses do that for their customers. It creates raving fans. (And more money, obvs.)


Examples of What to Bring to Each Hot Seat Sesh

  • Copy/messaging for review (up to 3 pages)

  • An outline of a new product or offer you’re working on

  • A current creative block you’re having, or struggling with

  • A tricky situation you’re facing that might be holding you back

  • Promotional ideas for your next launch

  • And more!


What to NOT Bring to Each Hot Seat Sesh

  • A 20+ page sales page for line-by-line feedback

  • Full course modules + videos. (Bring the outline instead.)

  • The hope of creating a full launch strategy in 10 minutes or less

  • A desire for magical, instant solutions to any problem

  • Bad vibes


Ready to Write Sizzling Copy?