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I have always been different. I have always strayed from the norm. My friends weren’t usually the mainstream kids. As I got older, I continued to carve my own path, and my friends continued to be interesting. Not at all cookie-cutter.Jamey Jones copywriter

I’ll bet that, somewhere inside you, you also believe that you are not like the mainstream folks. You follow your own path and make your own rules. You are just my kind of people.

You have a vision or a mission that is near and dear to you, but you don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to put it into words. Not the right words, anyway. Yet you want to connect to your clients and potential customers in a more meaningful way.

I write copy—that is, compelling content that moves people to take action—for businesses that help make the world a better place. If your business makes a positive impact on more than just your pocketbook, let’s talk.

I also help you brainstorm, edit, or strategize so that your brand looks, feels, and sounds clear, concise, and consistent while remaining true to your vision.

My mission: to find the right words for your business.

Whether you need a complete overhaul of your website content, new ideas for blog topics, article or blog content, social media content, brainstorming for taglines and titles, researching a new topic, or, gulp—a whole book, I may be just what you need.

While I have extensive experience writing for integrative and functional medicine practitioners, nutritionists, and health coaches, I also love to write for other businesses that make a difference. I thrive on it. I help you spread your knowledge in a way that engages your clients and customers while remaining accurate. Integrity is my highest value.

I help you say it like you mean it while keeping true to your own voice and message. That’s crucial.

My Background

I am a science nerd. I am eternally curious about how the world works. I like to organize thoughts and ideas. I studied science and nutrition in college (got a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida—go Gators!) and have since spent my time researching and writing as I embarked on a career in the natural products industry.

For most of the past seven years, I headed up the research department at one of the nation’s leading dietary supplement companies, ReNew Life Formulas. I was also the company’s unofficial head copywriter and wrote and published books and blogs with owner and digestive wellness expert Brenda Watson. There I learned that my real passion is writing, so I recently jumped ship to write full time for passionate business owners such as you.

Here on my website, I love to share resources and write articles on topics that I find interesting. Stay a while, won’t you?

Media Bio (where I talk in third person)

Jamey Jones is a writer, researcher (i.e. science nerd), and yoga student and teacher with a keen interest in nutrition and how things work. She is constantly in pursuit of possibility and curiosity.

She works with individuals and businesses that offer services or products with impact. That is, she works with people who are making the world a better place. She helps them articulate their message and engage their audience.

What she really does is play with words. She tells your story as you want it to be told.

Random Facts About Me

  • I am an optimist and a skeptic all at once.
  • My nickname is Sargent Specific (my husband’s nickname is Lieutenant Literal and my son’s is Private Precise—we make quite the team). Like I said, accuracy is important to me.
  • I lived in Perú for two years in a very small town where only one other person spoke any English. It was an amazing, life-changing experience. My son was born there.
  • My nose is always itchy. Always has been. Someone once told me that when my nose itches, someone is thinking about me. Maybe that’s why.
  • I am a multipotentialite. When I learned this, by watching this video, I felt like I had come home.
  • I am an intro-ambivert (a bit more intro- than extrovert). Kinda like north-northwest.
  • I buy most of my clothing from secondhand stores. It’s like treasure hunting. I love it. That means sometimes I dress like your grandma and sometimes like the next-big-thing. Macklemore wrote a song about me (careful listening, major cuss words in this one).
  • I like to believe that anything is possible.

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