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Is Your Business Thoughtful?


[Photo by Javier Molina on Unsplash]

Think of the most thoughtful person in your life. You know, the one who shows up with chocolates when you’re feeling down or chicken soup when you’re sick. The one who gives you a hug at exactly the right moment. The one who goes out of her way to show up when you need her most. The one who makes you say, “That Charlie. He’s so thoughtful.”

What if your business was that thoughtful?

What if you were able to anticipate your clients’ needs and show up at the just the right time with just the right thing to help them get out of a funk or through a challenge?

What if your emails were those chocolates and chicken soup that show up just when your readers need it?

What if your website visitors felt like they were meeting a new friend as they read your copy?

What if your opt-in felt like opening a birthday gift?

Who Is Your Audience?

The days of flashy, watered down mass-media messaging are numbered. For decades, businesses have put out ads and copy with the goal of capturing the most attention possible. They cast a wide net in hopes of appealing to as many random people as they can.

Sure, they may have narrowed down their “demographic” to the millions of middle-aged women who watch X, Y, or Z television show, but people are so much more than an age, gender, income, and television preference.

We have the tools today to REALLY understand the hearts of our audience. The most important tool, though, is your attention.

To Be Thoughtful, Listen

Listen to your clients and customers. Listen to the people who you would love to work with. Listen to the comments on your social media posts and blogs. Create a short survey with open-ended questions. Ask about what your clients are longing for and what keeps them up at night. Ask about their goals and struggles. And listen, oh so carefully, to the replies.

When you listen intently to your audience, you’ll be able to tailor your services and products to their needs and desires. Their answers will provide a guide for how to move forward, ever more thoughtfully.

What are you doing to be thoughtful this week?

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