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Link Worthy // five

link-worthy-fiveEmotional intelligence, as it turns out, is as important or arguably more important than traditional intelligence. EQ is the new IQ. Once you get past the corny nature of these videos, you’ll see the value of this emotional intelligence training.

Is your attention focused in the right direction? Bernadette Jiwa, a gem as always.

“Making things is an art. Making things meaningful is an art and a science.”
—Bernadette Jiwa in Meaningful.

A fascinating and educational look at how to pair typefaces. “You have to become an expert in the subject you are working on and put yourself in the audience’s shoes and help them find the best bits of content. That’s the mark of a real designer.”

Organic Valley nailed this campaign.

Jump start—it’s only up from here.

“But it’s hard to resist a generous question. We all have it in us to formulate questions that invite honesty, dignity, and revelation. There is something redemptive and life-giving about asking better questions.”
And on love:  “Love is something we only master in moments.”
—Krista Tippett, a master of the interview, shows us how to better connect in her book, Becoming Wise

Are you a procrastinator? Watch this. (Your distraction monkey wants you to.)

Need some blog ideas for targeting your keywords? Look no further. So cool.

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