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Three Good Things // three

//THREE GOOD THINGS: a regular feature in which I share three good things about my month, mostly personal, in the hopes that you will also reflect on the good in your life.//

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Okay, so it’s been more than a month. I’ll reflect on the past couple few months. They have been filled with movement, settling in, and interestingness.

Let’s do this.

One good thing about my months is that I have been working on a very interesting project with an  intelligent, colorful, and passionate researcher. Can’t talk about it, but the science part of my brain is so pleased.

Another good thing about my months is that I am almost about to pop. Baby boy will be here any day now. I will be off radar for a bit, soaking up some mama bliss.

One more good thing about my months is that I moved (because all pregnant women move during the third trimester!), and my new home office is everything I could ever want it to be. I work inspired every day. I am so grateful.

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