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Making an Impact—Food & Spirit

// MAKING AN IMPACT: a regular feature about businesses that make a positive impact in the world while engaging customers with good design and clear copy. //

This month, Making an Impact focuses on the brainchild of Deanna Minnich, PhD, MS, FACN, CNS, RYT, functional medicine nutritionist and founder of Food & Spirit, the hub for nutrition information and training that goes beyond the cookie cutter diet program. Let’s dig into their design and copy, shall we?

I absolutely love their logo—it somehow distills their somewhat complex philosophy into one appealing image. The vibrant background header images on the homepage display as a slideshow that changes every few seconds. Nourish your root, indeed.

Food and Spirit

Food & Spirit is a “full spectrum approach to whole-self health.” Minnich’s approach is “to see you as a multifaceted being comprised of 7 Aspects” derived from ancient traditions: ROOT, FLOW, FIRE, LOVE, TRUTH, INSIGHT, and SPIRIT. “Every program that we offer taps into your 7 Aspects to create healing and bring forth your inner potential.”

This beautiful chart says it all. It shows how each of these aspects of our being is connected to our food and health. Click here to download.

Seven Systems of Health

What I really love about her philosophy is that, in her words, “I appreciate the scientific, logical, and nutritional aspects of food as much as I believe and feel that our spiritual, creative, symbolic connection with food is essential.” Yes! This so resonates with me, and likely with many other people looking to heal or to teach nutrition.

Food & Spirit’s site isn’t fancy, but the rainbow colors, although bold, speak to their all-inclusive philosophy. Their Whole Detox program, which exists as a separate site linked to from the navigation bar, displays another colorful graphic that says so much in so little space.

Whole Detox

The Whole Detox site scrolls over beautiful anchored background images, giving us a peek of color as we read text about the program and about her latest book, Whole Detox. (By the way, if you have ever wondered if detox programs are a hoax—many of them are. But not all. Deanna Minnich’s program is the real deal. I get no kickbacks here. She just knows her stuff.)

On the Free Gifts page you see the graphics below. When you hover over the button, the words “click here” appear, so you know just what to do.

Food & Spirit Freebies

Constructive Feedback

I’d love to see the font size a little larger. It’s a bit small, which makes it less enticing to read. Also, she has nine buttons on her navigation bar, which makes it a bit crowded and less streamlined. She could stack some of these options to make it easier on the eyes and brain, keeping these six main buttons: Home, About, Programs, Products, Professionals, Contact. Concise navigation is key.

Overall, Food & Spirit is a great site that includes eye-catching designs and colors, functionality, and copy that connects straight to the heart. You can tell Deanna is passionate about what she does. Her site shows it well.

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