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Three Good Things // one

//THREE GOOD THINGS: a regular feature in which I share three good things about my month, mostly personal, in the hopes that you will also reflect on the good in your life.//

three-good-things-graceThis is the first blog of a series I’d like to do on-the-regular. I have found that one simple question, when asked of anyone, anywhere, can help you get a well-rounded glimpse into what makes that person tick:

What are three good things about your day today?

I want you to get to know me—and me to get to know you—by answering this question. But instead of focusing on today, I’ll stretch it out to the previous month.

Short and sweet like.

Here goes.

One good thing about my month is that I attended an amazing Yoga Nidra with renowned yoga teacher Amrit Desai. This was my first Yoga Nidra experience, and I was blown away.

Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep. During Yoga Nidra, we enter a similar experience as sleep except that, instead of the subconscious taking over, we remain consciously aware. I left the yoga studio in pure bliss. Everything was, simply, just right.

Another good thing is that we put up our upside-down Christmas tree. That’s right. We have an upside-down Christmas tree. I giggle while assembling it (it’s fake) and immensely enjoy decorating it. Christmas is overrated (and magical, all at once). Why not invert our perspective?

One more good thing is that I watched a 3,500-pound hippo (which is on the small side, apparently) eat his lunch literally right in front of my face. My family visited the local theme park/zoo where I watched animals as my son and husband rode roller coasters.

The hippo’s delicate movement through the water was mesmerizing. And the way he chomped down a whole cantaloupe hinted at how such a graceful creature could be responsible for 2,900 human deaths each year. Those tusks!

It was a great month. I have a lot to be grateful for.

What were three good things (or one good thing!) about your month, week, or day? I’d love to know.

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