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Link Worthy // two

link-worthyElizabeth Gilbert on your creative genius. So. Good.

Because finishing is sexy.

If your blog doesn’t include your personal touch, you’re missing the point. (Note to self.)

Lasting relationships come down to two basic traits.

An inner dialogue—who’s in charge?

The secret to great writing.

On how to love. I mean, really, how to love.

There is just something about a physical book.

Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement.

“We are not playing a game to have our blog rank higher than someone else’s blog. We are not even playing an SEO game, because that game’s sorta rigged, and we’re not gonna be able to win it for long anyway.

No. we’re playing an infinite game. I’m throwing this ball to you so that you will throw it back. I am connecting with you so that you will connect with her. I am weaving together the fabric of a community.”
—Seth Godin talk

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